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Guaranteed birthing sessions are $1,500.00
A deposit of $500 is required to book.

With a guaranteed birth, I block out the week before, during and after for your delivery.

I also have covered, experienced birthing shooters, incase for some reason,
something happens and I am unable to be there (this would be extreme cases, as in serious illness for myself or children, or emergency travel) however, I never anticipate this to happen and would obviously keep you informed.

If for any reason I am unable to make it, you are able to swap to a fresh 24.

Your remaining balance is due at time of session*

With this delivery, I plan to arrive around 3/4 cm and stay until the baby arrives (and until bath time if possible) and also come back the next morning.

Please keep me posted starting at 32 weeks with checkups and dilation so I can have my bags ready!

Upon booking, please be sure to email me your doctor, what # baby this is for you, any other birth plans, and the hospital or birthing center you'll delivering at.

Looking forward to spending this sacred time with you, and capturing all of it.